Monday, June 26

the hunt for a new handbag - please help

Friends - Remember way back in January when I snagged this tote from Thirty-One? I've been carrying it ever since, and the time has come for us to part ways. I've been searching online, and I seriously cannot decide what I want.

I'm struggling because a part of me wants to downsize from the tote, but then it's so nice to have the space to throw my laptop, my Bible or kids clothes inside when needed. I dress mostly business casual for work. Does that help? Oh, and as another helpful piece of information - I am fashionably challenged.

Here are a few that have caught my eye. Okay, which do you like best and why? Go!

Anne Klein Perfect Tote Small Cross Body, Black
Anne Klein Perfect Small Cross Body

Fossil Margot Mini Crossbody, Navy
Fossil Margot Mini Cross Body

Iswee Leather Totes Small Handbags Shoulder Bags Top Handle Satchel Cross Body Bag Purses for Women (Wine)
Iswee Leather Totes/Small Handbags

Calvin Klein Signature Crossbody, Text Khaki/Black/Black
Calvin Klein Signature Crossbody

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Friday, June 23

friday favorites: take me out to the ball game

I am SO happy to see Friday! And I'm even more excited that today is a staycation day! Yesterday, I decided the kids and I needed a free day at home - that's what vacation days are for, right? Sleeping in, yummy breakfast, pajamas 'til noon, movie reruns, and absolutely no rush to be anywhere... just exactly what this pregnant working mama needs.

As for my favorites from the week, I only have one that I really want to share. Not that I don't have other favorites, but this one is just that awesome.

Last Friday, my Farmer and I took Little J to his first Reds game and it was Ah-mazing. We had the absolute best time. We arrived in Cincy late afternoon with plenty of time to spare. We parked on the KY side and walked across the bridge to Ohio.

Tuesday, June 20

9 things i can't live without during summer

There are just some things I can't live without during the summer months. Most of these items are must haves year-round but become even more crucial in the heat.

[1] Batiste Dry Shampoo - I've been a convert of dry shampoo for several months now, but as summer has arrived, I can't imagine going without the stuff. I have pretty oily hair and can only go every other day without a wash. That is a huge improvement for me since I could never skip even one day before I started using dry shampoo. But in the summer, when it's daylight longer and morning comes too soon - the day for dry shampoo saves me so much time and effort. It's wonderful. I've tried a couple of different kinds, but Batiste has been the best so far. Especially during this heat when the oil is even harder to combat!

Saturday, June 17

having a prepared heart - Ezra 7:10

Hey Friends - I'd like to share my heart with you this evening. I've started following a one year Bible reading plan that I found on the YouVersion App. I'm several days in and am loving it so far. I really enjoy the order of the books of the Bible in this plan, and I don't feel overwhelmed at all to finish each day's reading. It's seriously doing my heart good to be in His Word every day.

I thought I would share one of the verses that stuck with me from Saturday's reading.

Ezra 7:10 says "For Ezra had prepared his heart to seek the law of the Lord, and to do it, and to teach in Israel statutes and judgments."

Friday, June 16

friday favorites: a blogging hiatus recap

Well Friends, are you as happy to see Friday as I am? It's been a busy week for me work wise so I haven't been awesome about capturing my favorites. I have literally zero photos to share. What fun is that? So, I thought we'd catch up on what's been happening this year while on my hiatus from the blogosphere.

Monday, June 12

black calf shenanigans

See this little rascal.

He was born on Friday. He's a cutie for sure, but he is also a little bit of an ornery thing. How so? He likes to venture outside the fence. He's little enough to escape, but his mama isn't. Plus, there's a creek that runs beside the field and we do not want him finding his way there because he might drown. So, we've been keeping our eyes on the field off and on throughout the day to make sure he's with his mama and she's not going crazy because she can't get to him.

Friday, June 9

friday favorites: a baby bump debut

Wow, it's hard to believe that this is my first Friday post since January! Time has seriously gotten away from me. I have so much to share with you from the past five months, but I will save that download for another day.

Today, let's chat about my favorites from this week.

[1] In case you missed it, on Saturday I shared the primary reason for my temporary hiatus. Baby #3 is coming this Fall! And believe it or not, this is my first baby bump picture. With the first pregnancy, I remember taking a picture every month like clockwork. Took a few with the second, and the pictures this round are practically non-existent. Is that not how it goes?

Tuesday, June 6

what i've been reading in 2017

book words letters study read school outside window plants grass

At the beginning of the year, Goodreads asked me if I wanted to set a goal for how many books I'd like to read in 2017. I've never set reading goals for myself before but thought it'd be interesting to keep track for once. I set a goal of twenty-five, and after five months, I am pretty surprised to report I have already read eighteen! I read in spurts so I expect I won't be able to keep up the rate at which I've been reading, but am feeling fairly confident I'll meet the goal before the end of the year.

So, here's what I've been reading and how I rated each on Goodreads.

Saturday, June 3

a little bit of exciting news to share

Well Friends, it's been a little while since my last post. I didn't mean to fall off the face of the blogosphere, but I did. Life happens. I can honestly say that I've missed all of you, thought of you often, and am looking so forward to getting caught up on what's happening in each of your worlds!

As for my world and what's happening with me, well... Baby #3 is on the way!! We are beyond excited. I'm already in my 6th month and I cannot believe how fast time is flying this round. If you're doing the math, my last blog post was in January and I was already feeling so tired. That was the beginning of my hiatus from blogging and lots of other things in life!

Friday, January 20

hello friday, hello sunshine

Happy Friday, Friends!

I know I've been a little more out of the blogosphere than usual this week, but life happened and at the end of every day this week, sleep trumped all. Speaking of Trump, I ended up taking a vacation day today and am watching The Inauguration as I write this. Let's Make America Great Again! Now, on to my favorites for the week.

The sun has returned. I was driving home from the office and I felt this strange warmth coming through my driver's side window, and I even felt the need to put on sunglasses. I couldn't believe I was actually seeing the sun! I can handle cold, but I need the sun to shine. And it feels like it's been days upon days since it has.

Tuesday, January 17

tuesday talk and 10 random facts about me

Hey Friends! I am linking up with Erika for Tuesday Talk, and since I completely missed Erin's 10 on the 10th link up last week, I'm going to mix and mingle the two today. I'm going to share a few random facts about me as though we just met and we're chatting over some hot chocolate and donuts. Yum!

Let's chat.

Hey there, I'm Trista. It's super nice to meet you, and I'm really glad you're here. I can just tell we're going to be fast friends, can't you?

Friday, January 13

fridays are my favorite

Happy Friday, Friends! I hope you have had a fabulous week! My week has been a little on the chaotic side. It's my busiest week of the month at work, and then I missed Monday because of a migraine. I can't imagine it had anything to do with the crazy weather here in Kentucky... I mean it was close to single digits at the beginning of the week and then we broke 70 on Thursday. In reality, only God can do that and that in itself makes it pretty cool (aside from the headaches, of course).

Since it's really Thursday night, and I'm once again coveting the feel of climbing into the cool of the sheets in my bed, I'm going to share a few highlights from the week and go do just that. By the way, does anyone else absolutely love that feeling?

Last Saturday, I did something I haven't done in ages. I laced up some roller skates and took off. I was terrified of falling and breaking something, but I was pleasantly surprised how quickly it came back to me. It was Little J's first time and it was NOT pretty. He was so stubborn, and he refused to listen to me when I tried to coach him on how to keep upright. He fell no less than 100 times. After about half an hour of constant falling, he finally managed to stay up some. I was thankful when that birthday party came to end, I did not want to have to make a special trip to the ER!

Tuesday, January 10

my eulogy: something to consider

On Sunday afternoon, we attended a celebration of life of a young woman who lost her battle with cancer. The eulogy was exceptional - describing the life she lived, how she lived it, and how her life and example inspired and impacted others in so many positive ways.

While fighting back my own tears, it occurred to me that if this were my eulogy, the same that was said about her could not be said for me. I began to think about how my eulogy would read. Please don't take this as morbid. If anything, it was a humbling experience - one where this young woman has again inspired and positively impacted the life of someone else, even after her passing.

Trista. Beloved wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. I imagine that's similar to how it would begin. What I struggle with is the beloved part. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, beloved is synonymous to darling, cherished, dear, favored, favorite, fond, loved, pet, precious, special, and sweet. Related words are admired, adored, appreciated, esteemed, relished, revered; prized, treasured; and preferred.

I am loved, I wouldn't dare say that I am not because I know that I am. I am blessed beyond all measure. But I wouldn't say that I deserve the beloved title. Why, you might ask? Because I am definitely the inferior version of myself, of what I know I can be. How would my eulogy read according to me?

Friday, January 6

friday favorites: a few books and a royal oops

Happy Friday, Friends! Our first week back to the grind has been a bit of a challenging one. The boys have struggled with getting to bed at a decent time, therefore mornings have been a bear. Plus, I can't seem to find my brain or snag enough zzz's, so I feel like I'm functioning in slow motion. Combine the two together, and I'm pretty sure we're our own version of The Walking Dead (have never watched it, by the way, but it seemed like a fair comparison). Bring on the weekend!

I suppose it's no secret that I draft these lovely Friday posts on Thursday nights, and since it's quite possible that I might just fall asleep at the keyboard this round, I'm going to recap my favorites from the week as briefly as possible. Promise.

I started reading The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis to Little J this week. We're reading one chapter at night before bed. I wasn't sure how'd he take to chapter books, but so far, he is loving it, and so am I. It has quickly become one of my favorite parts of the week.

Monday, January 2

2017 goals: a new year for new commitments

Happy New Year, Friends! Welcome to the 17th year of the 21st century. Hard to believe, isn't it? I did most of my growing up in the 90s... I choreographed dance routines to Ace of Base in my driveway, recorded myself singing alongside Shania Twain on a cassette tape, and watched Dirty Dancing over and over again without my parents knowledge. The county fair was the event we looked most forward to and sports, thankfully, spared me from a lot of farm work.

Those times seem like ages ago. I've been out of high school almost 15 years and college a little over 10. Time absolutely flies, and truly does go by faster with each passing year. I'm determined to slow 2017 down. If you have any advice on how to make that happen, please share!

I've spent the last few days mulling over the year ahead and what changes I'd like to implement in order to better my quality of life. I could do this better, this life thing. If I could choose one word for 2017, I would choose BALANCE. I am the type of person that throws themselves wholeheartedly into something, so much that I end up burnt out. I have done this in the past with work, blogging, reading, television, dieting, exercise, etc. I am certain it is possible to enjoy all of these things at once as opposed to only one of them for a season.

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