Monday, June 26

the hunt for a new handbag - please help

Friends - Remember way back in January when I snagged this tote from Thirty-One? I've been carrying it ever since, and the time has come for us to part ways. I've been searching online, and I seriously cannot decide what I want.

I'm struggling because a part of me wants to downsize from the tote, but then it's so nice to have the space to throw my laptop, my Bible or kids clothes inside when needed. I dress mostly business casual for work. Does that help? Oh, and as another helpful piece of information - I am fashionably challenged.

Here are a few that have caught my eye. Okay, which do you like best and why? Go!

Anne Klein Perfect Tote Small Cross Body, Black
Anne Klein Perfect Small Cross Body

Fossil Margot Mini Crossbody, Navy
Fossil Margot Mini Cross Body

Iswee Leather Totes Small Handbags Shoulder Bags Top Handle Satchel Cross Body Bag Purses for Women (Wine)
Iswee Leather Totes/Small Handbags

Calvin Klein Signature Crossbody, Text Khaki/Black/Black
Calvin Klein Signature Crossbody

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Friday, June 23

friday favorites: take me out to the ball game

I am SO happy to see Friday! And I'm even more excited that today is a staycation day! Yesterday, I decided the kids and I needed a free day at home - that's what vacation days are for, right? Sleeping in, yummy breakfast, pajamas 'til noon, movie reruns, and absolutely no rush to be anywhere... just exactly what this pregnant working mama needs.

As for my favorites from the week, I only have one that I really want to share. Not that I don't have other favorites, but this one is just that awesome.

Last Friday, my Farmer and I took Little J to his first Reds game and it was Ah-mazing. We had the absolute best time. We arrived in Cincy late afternoon with plenty of time to spare. We parked on the KY side and walked across the bridge to Ohio.

Tuesday, June 20

9 things i can't live without during summer

There are just some things I can't live without during the summer months. Most of these items are must haves year-round but become even more crucial in the heat.

[1] Batiste Dry Shampoo - I've been a convert of dry shampoo for several months now, but as summer has arrived, I can't imagine going without the stuff. I have pretty oily hair and can only go every other day without a wash. That is a huge improvement for me since I could never skip even one day before I started using dry shampoo. But in the summer, when it's daylight longer and morning comes too soon - the day for dry shampoo saves me so much time and effort. It's wonderful. I've tried a couple of different kinds, but Batiste has been the best so far. Especially during this heat when the oil is even harder to combat!

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